Ruffneck Fashion is a community of musicians and music lovers crazy enough to believe that Fela Kuti’s ‘music is my weapon’ mantra is not only relevant but true to both music makers and creators. Ruffneck Fashion’s role is to bridge the chasm that separates music maker from music lovers. In other words we decipher the analogs and digitals, marry them, and then impose it on the dance floor. Our parties will marry the sonic to the visual and the rhythm to the lifestyle—including props. By hijacking dance-friendly spaces, transforming those spaces into platforms for moving feet. Each show will focus on an artist, genre, style, era and trend that has hypnotized, enlightened and fascinated the ears. Once every month we shall cascade the borders where Cumbia meets Afrobeat. We shall spin ourselves from dusty seventies era vinyl to the contemporary by way of drum machines, samplers and djembes.


Ruffneck Fashion